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The Northern Heights was the third short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Life Science. It was written by Mark Stevens. It featured the Fourth Doctor.


Nicholas Clement, who works for the King and Empire Railway Company, is one of the few employees left who have resisted the psychic control of the anomaly known as Kappa 12. He is fired from his job and tries to take some of the evidence with him, but is guarded by one of management's thugs. Suddenly there is a distraction in the rail yard, as a train is on fire. The guard runs to investigate, and the Doctor pops into Clement's office. The two leave the building and get into one of the trains.

The train takes them to the location of the anomaly. On the way, Clement succeeds in resisting Kappa 12's attempts to control him. When they arrive at the station, there are singularities and railroad tracks everywhere. The Doctor has Clement distract Kappa 12 while he fiddles with some equipment. The anomaly is sent back to its universe.



  • The Doctor is not accompanied by any of his companions.


  • This story is told partly in the second person and partly through fictional incident reports.


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