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You may be looking for The Ninth Doctor Chronicles.

The Ninth Doctor Adventures was an audio series from Big Finish Productions. The series starred the Ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston.


Series 1[]

Main article: Series 1 (9DA)


Main article: Ravagers (audio anthology)
# Title Author Featuring Released
1.1 Sphere of Freedom Nicholas Briggs Nova, Audrey 13 May 2021
1.2 Cataclysm Nova
1.3 Food Fight Audrey

Respond to All Calls[]

Main article: Respond to All Calls (audio anthology)
# Title Author Featuring Released
2.1 Girl, Deconstructed Lisa McMullin 11 August 2021
2.2 Fright Motif Tim Foley
2.3 Planet of the End Timothy X Atack

Lost Warriors[]

Main article: Lost Warriors (audio anthology)
# Title Author Featuring Released
3.1 The Hunting Season James Kettle 23 November 2021
3.2 The Curse of Lady Macbeth Lizzie Hopley
3.3 Monsters in Metropolis John Dorney Cyberman

Old Friends[]

Main article: Old Friends (audio anthology)
# Title Author Featuring Released
4.1 Fond Farewell David K Barnes 16 February 2022
4.2 Way of the Burryman Roy Gill The Brig, Sam Bishop, Cybermen
4.3 The Forth Generation

Series 2[]

Main article: Series 2 (9DA)

Back to Earth[]

Main article: Back to Earth (audio anthology)
# Title Author Featuring Released
2.1 Station to Station Robert Valentine 4 May 2022
2.2 The False Dimitry Sarah Grochala
2.3 Auld Lang Syne Tim Foley


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