The Ninnies on Putney Common was the first story in the anthology Iris: Fifteen. It was written by Paul Magrs. The story was later available on Paul Magrs' Patreon.[1]


On her way home librarian Dodie Golightly encounters Iris Wildthyme, who she's familiar with as a regular at the library where she works, being attacked by a Ninny. On Iris' instructions Dodie uses a De-Ninnivator to kill the creature, she and Iris part ways until the following day when Iris visits the library again and Dodie reveals that the Ninnies have been observing her. Iris invites Dodie aboard the Celestial Omnibus as her travelling companion, and Dodie abandons her mother and friend Walter Murch.

Planning to work out the Ninnie's plan, Iris and Dodie visit a sausage factory where Iris claims to have tasted some extraterrestrial meat. It eventually dawns on Iris and Dodie that Dodie's mother has been working with the Ninnies, who have been splicing humans and aliens together for meat products. Iris and Dodie fight Martians in Paris before visiting Mars.

Upon their return to Earth Dodie is shocked to see that in her absence Walter and her mother have married. Dodie takes her anger out on Iris and accuses her of ruining her life. Iris decides to show Dodie the beauty of Time Travel and allows her to relieve the events of the Ninny invasion again in different orders.




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