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The Night is Long, and Dreams are Legion was a short story by Mags L. Halliday published in issue fourteen of the Myth Makers fanzine as promotion for her upcoming Faction Paradox novel Warring States. It was later republished by Mad Norwegian Press in the ebook of Warring States.


George Morrison walked through a Chinese district in the City of the Saved, before entering a cafe. A Sherlock Holmes remake joins him, and reminds him that two centuries ago, Morrison had hired the remake to find a woman he remembered from his life, one Cousin Octavia of House Paradox. Holmes informs him that she doesn't exist. Morrison objects that everyone exists here, before remembering a conversation long ago where Octavia described her desire for immortality and his emptiness inside grows.




  • The story discusses how every Emperor of China has awoken to see that their dynasty eventually fell, and touches briefly on how some of them deal with that.
  • Morrison was supposed to have died later on in life, but due to the interference of Octavia in Warring States was shot earlier in life. This changing of his timeline leads to him having a wife and children he has never met in the City of the Saved. Similar issues are discussed in greater detail in Of the City of the Saved....


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