The Next Life was the sixty-fourth story in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by Alan Barnes and Gary Russell and featured Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, India Fisher as Charlotte Pollard and Conrad Westmaas as C'rizz.

It was the final Big Finish Doctor Who audio story to feature Paul McGann as the incumbent Doctor, since his next audio release Terror Firma would not be until after not only Christopher Eccleston's television debut in Rose but David Tennant's debut in the television story The Parting of the Ways. More significantly, it concluded the adventures set in the Divergent Universe that had begun at the end of the audio story Zagreus. At six episodes, it was unusually long, especially for an Eighth Doctor audio.

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"All things must die."

Washed up on the sandy shores of a paradise island, a wild-eyed shipwreck survivor is rescued by the wife of Daqar Keep, the richest man in the galaxy.

Her name's Perfection. He's the Doctor. Together, they face a journey into the dark heart of this mysterious island, to discover the deepest secrets of this timeless cosmos. That's if the giant crabs, killer crocodiles and murderous natives don't get them first.

Meanwhile, fellow travellers Charley and C'rizz have their own ordeal to endure, in the grip of the Doctor's most dangerous rival.

And in a universe that's facing extinction, even the best of friends may soon become enemies...

This life is almost over. Not everyone will make it to the next.

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  • The Doctor has committed to memory of all the Liverpool F.C. strikers and goals from 1964-1965 to 2013-2014, which he describes as "a terrible season."
  • The Doctor suggests placing Guidance's moonstone on eBay.
  • When lost on the beach the Doctor acts like Robinson Crusoe and says that he won't find any Friday or any other day of the week.

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  • The Doctor once witnessed a hoodoo ceremony on Haiti.

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  • Charley's uncle Jacques lived in Cannes after World War I. He was a concert pianist until he lost one of his arms at the Battle of Passchendaele. He taught her how to speak French.
  • C'rizz does not fully grasp the concept of time but understands the general idea.
  • On 4 October 1930, Simon Murchford told Charley that his father had not worked since 1926.
  • Murchford lost many good friends during World War II.
  • In year fifty at the Academy, the First Doctor fed a snapping wart fowl to his fellow student Valyes' summer project. Valyes has held a grudge ever since.
  • Charley has told C'rizz about King Edward VII.
  • After Charley expresses her admiration for Rassilon, C'rizz suggests that she has a thing for Time Lords.
  • Perfection claims that Daqar Keep is the richest man in the galaxy.

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  • Rassilon and the Kro'ka put Charley and C'rizz into dreamweavers.

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Illustrated preview by Mike Collins featured in DWM 351.

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