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The Nemonite Invasion was a made-for-audio Tenth Doctor story, written by David Roden and produced for BBC Audio. It was released in February 2009, and was the final BBC Audio story to feature Donna.

Read by Catherine Tate, the story was released in the same format as the BBC Books Tenth Doctor Adventures book series and their associated audio book adaptations, but was released exclusively to audio. It is the third of its kind, following Pest Control and The Forever Trap (several original audio stories of this nature have also been issued based upon Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures).

Publisher's summary[]

Catherine Tate reads this exclusive thrilling story, in which the Doctor and Donna take on a race of dangerous bloodsucking aliens

When the sky rips open somewhere over Dover, two objects hurtle out of the Vortex and crash-land in the sea. One is the TARDIS, out of control and freefalling - but the other, a mysterious crystalline sphere, is far more sinister.

The Doctor and Donna are rescued and taken to a secret command centre in the Dover cliffs. It's May 1940, and Vice-Admiral Ramsay is about to finalise one of the most daring plans of the Second World War: Operation Dynamo.

But something else has got inside the War Tunnels, a parasitic Nemonite from the crashed sphere. Its aim is to possess all humans and spawn millions of young. The Doctor and Donna must fight for their lives in order to save both Operation Dynamo and the world at large.

The Nemonite Invasion features the Doctor and Donna, as played by David Tennant and Catherine Tate in the hit BBC Television series Doctor Who. Written specially for audio by David Roden, it is read by Catherine Tate.


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  • Donna refers to the Doctor as Joe 90.
  • When pressed for identification, Donna says she and the Doctor work for The X-Files.
  • Donna compares the Doctor's mind-reading ability to that of Spock's mind-meld from Star Trek.
  • The Doctor claims to be 903 years old.


  • The story was also available as a download from the AudioGO website before the company went into administration.


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