The Multi-Faceted War was the twelfth short story in Myths & Legends.

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Driven by the horror of a past campaign against the Vampires, General Skellis dedicates his life to finding a way to defeat the Time Lords' blood-sucking enemies. His work leads him to a terrible discovery. The Time Lords' method of destroying the vampires using molecular dispersal has actually spread their disease throughout time and space. This leads the Time Lords, led by President Rassilon to create a new weapon, the Bowship, a vessel armed with a huge steel bolt with which to impale the Vampires' leaders, the Great Ones. After all but one of the Great Ones is destroyed, Rassilon abandons the search for the missing King Vampire and declares the war a victory for the Time Lords. Rassilon takes the credit for their success, but knows he owes it all to Skellis.

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