The Movellan Manoeuvre was the second story in the third series of The New Counter-Measures.

David Richardson, the producer, stated that The Hollow King was intended to conclude the range, but its standalone nature and fan popularity led to further entries in the series in order to provide a better sense of closure. The Movellan Manoeuvre, together with its follow-up The Dalek Gambit, which was released on the same day, form a duology which serves as the overall conclusion to the Counter-Measures range.[1]

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Arch-foe of the Intrusion Counter-Measures Group, Lady Suzanne Clare – glamorous international arms dealer specialising in alien tech – is back. And she's branched out.

She’s now moved into technology and is rolling out a device designed to help out with chores around the house. As the launch date looms, Rachel Jensen and her team are determined to find out what she’s really up to and stop her.

What do these devices actually do? What exactly is her latest plan? And what exactly does it all have to do with an insidious alien menace?

It’s time for a home invasion.

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