The Monsters of Coal Hill School was a comic story published in September 2014 by BBC Children's Books.

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The Twelfth Doctor finds some strange goings on at Coal Hill School, which leave Clara in danger...

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While looking for Clara in Coal Hill School, the Doctor finds Jeff Delobel, a French teacher, who warns him that there are creatures in the building. Meanwhile, Clara finds herself teaching a class of aliens, and is told that they wish to learn about the Earth prior to invading it. The Doctor surmises that the building is actually a reproduction of Coal Hill School. He finds Clara and the creatures and, telling them that they need a history teacher, not an English one like Clara, proceeds to teach the class. He tells them stories of a man who defends the Earth from aggressors and asks them to guess of whom he speaks. Realising it is the Time Lord, the creatures flee, deciding Earth is too dangerous and the Doctor returns Clara and Delobel home.

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