Doctor Who Live: The Monsters Are Coming! was a stage show featuring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. The show was produced by BBC Worldwide with consultation from series head writer Steven Moffat. It featured video clips, special effects, creatures from the series and orchestral music by Murray Gold. It toured nine venues in Britain in October 2010.

Matt Smith filmed scenes as the Eleventh Doctor that were played during the show, but did not appear on stage. Murray Gold composed the soundtrack, which was performed by a live orchestra conducted by Ben Foster.

A short trailer was released with clips from the show, clips from Doctor Who at the Proms, and exclusive filmed clips set in the TARDIS starring Matt Smith.

Synopsis Edit

A travelling showman named Vorgenson travels around the galaxy, spreading stories of the Doctor's exploits, while using his minimiser gadget to conjure up the Doctor's enemies.

Order of presentation Edit

Act one Edit

  1. Auditorium preparation and initiation by the Ood
  2. Introducing the Magnificent Vorgenson, the galaxy's greatest showman
  3. The Minimiser - "the culmination, nay, the very purpose of science itself!"
  4. The Carnival of Monsters commences, including: Saturnyne vampires, Silurians, Clockwork Droids, Judoon, the Doctor
  5. The Doctor - a heart-felt tribute from the Magnificent Vorgenson to his hero

Act two Edit

  1. The Carnival continues, including: Saturnyne Vampires - the savage beauties return for your musical delectation and delight. Smilers - Starship UK's fearsome guardians, never far from their sinister, secretive compatriots, the Winders
  2. Amy Pond - no celebration of the Doctor's adventures would be complete without an homage to his best friend
  3. The Carnival marches into high gear as we proudly present: The Cybermen - humanity's ultimate upgrade
  4. Grand Finale - the climax of the show and a final opportunity to witness the great showmanship, dramatic vision and sheer chutzpah of The Magnificent Vorgenson

Plot Edit

Vorgenson has collected a Carnival of Monsters using his invention, the Minimiser. The Ood check and welcome the audience, before introducing Vorgenson. The audience learns that the show is about one man, the Eleventh Doctor, and using the Minimiser, unleashes various creatures into the audience, including a scarecrow, Judoon, Vampire, Silurian and a Cyberman. Vorgenson explains what the Minimiser is and how it works, before letting out three Silurians. Vorgenson then shows the audience the Doctor's involvement with Winston Churchill and the Daleks, before releasing Winston from the Minimiser and leaving him alone with the audience. Winston contacts the Eleventh Doctor using a phone from the audience. The Doctor, alone in the TARDIS, appears on the stage's big screen, using the phone's signal to home in. Winston tells the Doctor that he was taken from 6th June 1944, whilst organising The Normandy landings. The Doctor states that that date is a fixed point in time, and Winston being absent could cause time and space to collapse. The Doctor says he coming to help and tells Winston and the audience not to panic.

Vorgenson returns to the stage, stating he wanted Winston to contact the Doctor, so when he arrives he can trap him in the Minimiser. The show continues with Vampires and Clockwork Robots being released into the audience. The Doctor reappears on the screen. Vorgenson mentions he's the Doctors biggest fan because of the stories his Dad, Vorg, used to tell him and how he invented the Minimiser. The Doctor tries to explain that the Minimiser is dangerous and he is coming to put a stop to it, before disappearing from screen. Vorgenson thinks the Doctor might already be in the arena, so he lets out a team of Judoon to catalogue the audience, to no avail and Vorgenson leaves the stage. The Doctor reappears on screen and tells the audience that he's programmed the TARDIS materialisation circuit to respond to a soundwave from the Sonic screwdriver, so that the TARDIS will go if he's in trouble, though the soundwave will only work if it comes from a thousand people, so when the Doctor says "Geronimo!" the audience has to shout back. At that point the screen image starts to break up and an image of a Weeping Angel appears. The Doctor tells the audience he hasn't got the situation under control and not to blink.

Two Weeping Angels appear on stage, just as a squad of armed police arrive to stop the show. As the lights go out the police officers disappear one by one. Vorgenson returns to the stage, wondering if he can draw the Doctor out of hiding. He shows the audience one of the Doctor's adventures when he nearly did the wrong thing, (The Beast Below) hoping it will draw the Doctor out. Smilers and Winders are released, as well as Liz Ten. The TARDIS lands, but the Doctor is captured and put in the Minimiser.

Vorgenson is annoyed that now the Doctor is trapped in the Minimiser he refuses to talk to him. To make him talk, Vorgenson shows footage of Amy Pond. This plan failing, Cybermen are released into the crowd, who then upgrade a member of the audience. The Doctor appears on screen and tells Vorgenson that he coundn't have invented the Minimiser. The stage is then invaded by the Daleks, who planted the designs of the Minimiser into Vorgenson, so that he would trap the Doctor so they could exterminate him.

The Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver to release Cybermen and a battle between Dalek and Cyberman occurs. The Daleks are defeated. The Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver to trap the Daleks in the Minimiser forever, and return all the other exhibits to their correct places in time and space, including Vorgenson. The Doctor is alone on stage when the Supreme Dalek flies onto stage. The Doctor uses the "Geronimo!" soundwave to bring the TARDIS to him and destroy the Supreme Dalek. The Doctor opens the TARDIS doors and bids farewell to the audience.

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2010 tour dates Edit

  • Oct 8-10 - Wembley Arena
  • Oct 12-13 - Sheffield Arena
  • Oct 15-17 - Glasgow SECC
  • Oct 18-20 - Birmingham NIA
  • Oct 22-24 - Manchester MEN Arena
  • Oct 25-26 - Notts Trent FM Arena
  • Oct 28-31 - Cardiff Int Arena
  • Nov 2-3 - Liverpool Echo Arena
  • Nov 6-7 - Belfast Odyssey Arena[1]

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