The Mind was an intelligent insectoid species that evolved as the dominant life of Earth in an alternate timeline. They existed as a collective consciousness of six million people.

The creatures' DNA was composed of "soulcells" and their bodies had a layer of sensitive nervous fur and antennae. Individuals could make contact with the Mind, but it was an agonising process to enter the Mindscape. This could let them reach the countless embryonic auras in their wombs if pregnant.

The hive was constructed with airholes and luminous wall linings; there was also a hival university that kept older records and where younger people took their exams. The society was made of sociology lecturers, drones that were engendered to each other, workers, young queens, children, and the queen of the hive. One, if not the only, religion was the Atheist Martyrs of Kaleidoscope Theory.

Xhallaq and Qxeleq were drone mates before Gabriel and Tanith removed Qxeleq to the true reality. She experienced this as the entire world dying, though whether this was her perception or if the timeline of the Mind was truly destroyed is unclear. It is also unclear if this timeline was destroyed by the nature of time travel removing various possibilities or if Gabriel and Tanith were actually responsible. (PROSE: Falls the Shadow)

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