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The Middle was the two hundred and thirty-second story in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by Chris Chapman and featured Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor, Miranda Raison as Constance Clarke and Lisa Greenwood as Flip Jackson.

Publisher's summary[]

It’s L/Wren Mrs Constance Clarke’s birthday - and Flip is determined to make it an anniversary to remember.

The futuristic colony of Formicia, where the pampered populace pass their days in endless leisure, seems the perfect place for a ‘Wren Party’. But all is not as it seems. Looking down from the Middle, the skyscraping tower that ascends as far as the colony ceiling, Formicia’s overseers can see that the Doctor doesn’t fit in - and it’s not just his coat that makes him conspicuous...

“The End is the Beginning,” say the propaganda-like posters all over Formicia. Because to be part of this perfect society comes at a price. And the Doctor's already in arrears.


Part one[]

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Part two[]

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Part three[]

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Part four[]

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  • The Doctor's coat possesses 76 different colour tones.
  • The Sixth Doctor doesn't appear physically older than 40 years. He says that he has lived for almost a millennium.
  • Flip sings "Happy Birthday to You" and "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow" to Constance.
  • Flip describes Formicia as "the Planet of the Age Police".
  • Constance describes the Doctor as "the original conscientious objector".
  • Flip compares the elderly people of Formicia fighting a war wearing battle armour to "Dad's Army meets The Terminator".
  • Flip is 19 years old.



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