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Balloon of the Mekon in Party Animals

Balloon at Bonjaxx's birthday party. (COMIC: Party Animals)

The Mekon was an enemy of Dan Dare in the British children's comic Eagle.

In April 1963, Gillian Roberts compared John Brent to him, giving him the nickname "the Martian," in spite of the fact that the Mekon was Venusian. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

The Eighth Doctor once fell asleep reading a copy of the Eagle. Fitz Kreiner heard him talking in his sleep about Peter Rabbit fighting the Mekon. (PROSE: The Deadstone Memorial)

When Ranger was first connected to the Memory, he thought he was going to wake up like the Mekon. (PROSE: Shell Shock)

A balloon shaped like the Mekon was present at Bonjaxx's birthday party on Maruthea. (COMIC: Party Animals)

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