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The Medusa Effect is the twelfth Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures novel. It was written by Justin Richards. It features Irving Braxiatel.

Publisher's summary[]

"Bernice Summerfield?"

"That rather depends on who wants to know."

"I'd like to offer you a job. I think you'll find it interesting."

"Isn't this just a little inappropriate? I mean, we're at a funeral."

"That rather depends on the job."

Medusa — an experimental spaceship developed by the Advanced Research Department of St Oscar's University. Missing since it was launched, presumed lost in the wars, it was a project so secret that it has never been declassified.

Now, twenty years on, Medusa is coming home.

After one of the investigation team dies suspiciously, Professor Bernice Summerfield is assigned to help discover what went wrong. But to do so she must solve a riddle. What is the strange link between the original crew and the team now on board the drifting ship? And why do their ghosts still haunt Medusa?

Chapter titles[]

  • Part One: Investigation
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
    • Chapter 4
    • Chapter 5
    • Chapter 6
  • Part Two: Discovery
    • Chapter 7
    • Chapter 8
    • Chapter 9
    • Chapter 10
    • Chapter 11
  • Part Three: Verdict
    • Chapter 12
    • Chapter 13
    • Chapter 14
    • Chapter 15


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  • Benny drinks a great deal to counteract the memory engrams.
  • Commander Skutloid is a seven foot tall Martian (and while it's not said specifically, he is an Ice Warrior). He is head of the Institute of Strategic Studies at St Oscar's University.
  • Stuart Stonely was born on board the Medusa, taking his name from a sign on a door which read "Stewards Only".
  • Heath Chromsky Commander of the mission to the Medusa.
  • Forsyth Kerven is a historian and archivist at Dellah University's Advanced Research Department (ARD).



  • Dorian Phelps, late to middle age, a forensic research scientist.


  • Andrea Moritz, in her mid-twenties, is an expert in remote-guidance technology.


  • This novel details much about the war with the Daleks and Dellah and Earth's place in it (though the Daleks are mentioned through implication rather than actual mention).
  • The cover of this novel (Benny dancing with a skeleton) actually happens in the novel.


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