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Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time was a 2010 action puzzle video game developed by Tag Games and published by BBC Worldwide. It was written by Oli Smith, who had previously written the video games Doctor Who: Return to Earth and Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth.

It was released on 16 December 2010 for iOS devices.[1] It has since been removed from the App Store.

The video game received two purchasable level packs, The Christmas Trap and Angels in the Shadows.

Publisher's summary[]

For the first time on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, enter the world of Doctor Who in a brand new action puzzle adventure!

An intrepid traveller through time and space and the last of the powerful Time Lords, the Doctor is armed only with his incredible intelligence and his sonic screwdriver. Join him and his human companion, Amy Pond, as they race to save an innocent family attacked by a rogue Dalek and hurtled into the depths of history. Your journey will take you from ancient Incan temples, to the frozen tombs of Telos and a stunning finale on a Dalek ship. Defeat your favourite enemies, solve devious puzzles, and restore peace throughout time!

  • Brain twisting puzzles – over 100 in all!
  • Travel through time and space to seven unique locations
  • Increasingly complex environmental challenges to challenge your mind and reflexes
  • Play as both the Doctor and his companion, Amy Pond, utilising their unique skills and abilities to solve challenges
  • Features Daleks, Cybermen and Silurians – each with unique behaviour that requires different strategies of stealth and subterfuge to complete levels
  • Authentic music from the show
  • Features Open Feint and Game Centre achievements


The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond have picked up a distress signal from a family ship around the horsehead nebula. When they go to check it out, and the Doctor realises that something is wrong. The family tells him that they have been attacked by a monster which boarded them, tore up the air-lock and is now locked up in the engine room. The Doctor and Amy go into the engine room and find a Dalek scientist. The Dalek wants to get the time engine, which is overloading. It starts exploding and the Doctor says that they have to get out. After they return to the place where the family has been, Amy and the Doctor realise that the family has gone. They have been scattered through time by the explosion. The Doctor and Amy go search for each family member, but this is far more complicated than they originally thought.

At first they arrive at an Incan temple in Peru. There they find gold and time orbs, which were fragments of the time ship's drive system and have fallen through time with the Joneses. The Doctor tells Amy to collect them, since they can be used to fix the ship. Soon after that, they see Cybermen. The Doctor tells Amy to collect gold which can be used against the Cybermen. Amy and the Doctor vaporise the gold, which clogs the Cybermen's joints, rendering them useless. Amy and the Doctor then go through a portal to the Cybermen's headquarters, where they deactivated the Cybermen.

Amy and the Doctor then visit Telos. The Cybermen are just starting to prepare Billy Jones for cyber-conversion Amy and the Doctor arrive and save him. Billy stays in the TARDIS while Amy and the Doctor try to save his parents.

The Doctor and Amy go through another time portal and encounter Silurian hunters and elite warriors who are armed. They sneak past them and arrive not far away from the centre of the Earth. There they see Mr Jones and set him free. They tell him that his son is alright but that his wife still needs to be saved. Mr Jones stays with his son in the TARDIS while the Doctor and Amy shut down the transmitters that are controlling the cave walls. This traps the Silurians inside, condemning the tribe to hibernation for countless more millennia. This ensures that the angry Silurians won't attack humanity.

The Doctor and Amy then travel to the town Anglica, which has been invaded by the Daleks. They soon find Mrs Jones, who tells them that the Daleks only kept her alive to use her as a bait to take the time orbs from the Doctor. The Doctor sets Mrs Jones free.

However, there is a Dalek ship in orbit. The Daleks are threatening to destroy Earth if the Doctor doesn't do what they say. The Doctor travels with his TARDIS to the Dalek space ship. He tells Mrs Jones to wait in the TARDIS, where it's safe. Meanwhile, Amy and the Doctor explore the Dalek ship and get to the Dalek bridge. According to the Doctor only a handful of people have been there and lived.

The Doctor finally uses the Daleks own weapons against them. He runs to the ship's navigational controls and screams at the Daleks to get him. The Daleks shoot at him and hit the ship's navigational controls which overloads them. The Dalek ship hurtles towards the outer limits of the galaxy and the Doctor and Amy escape in the TARDIS.

They bring the Jones family back to their time ship. They then fix the engines and say goodbye to the family. Billy tells the Doctor that he loves the TARDIS and asks how much the Doctor paid for it. The Doctor doesn't answer and he and Amy then leave in the TARDIS.



  • The Doctor mentions his great-aunt Inertia.

Story notes[]

  • If either the Doctor or Amy is killed during the game, they regenerate.


  • Upon exploring the mine, the Doctor notes that he and Amy have seen bio-technology before. The Silurians previously used bio-technology in TV: Cold Blood.
  • The Doctor and Amy revisit Anglica, a small town which was previously lost and saved by the Doctor and Amy. (GAME: Angels in the Shadows)

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