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A new incarnation of the Master planned the destruction of Earth from an American amusement park.

Physical appearance[]

The Master was a thin man with a bony face. He had a jet-black pointed beard and prominent bangs coming down on his forehead. He dressed in dark green, with a high-collar cloak thrown over his sweater. (NOTVALID: Winning Designs)


The Master allied himself with an alien species intent on destroying Earth. He then posed as an engineer in an amusment park in America. Though he was supposedly building a new "space ride", he had in truth designed the machinery so that it would act as a teleporter to bring a large workforce of the aliens to Earth. They would then build a machine capable of destroying the Earth, but also, unbeknownst to them, their own planet.

The Master's plan was discovered and foiled by the Doctor and Maggie, a fortune-teller who worked at the park. (NOTVALID: Winning Designs)

Behind the scenes[]

Full-body view of the Doctor and Master from Winning Designs.

This Master was designed and written as if actor John Hurt was to play the part, a casting suggested as the winning entry of the Doctor Who Casting Competition in DWM 108, submitted by Scott Sauber. His costume and story were designed by Wanda Sue Morain and Mike Acord as the winning entry of a follow-up contest, the Doctor Who Design Competition, with the text and professional-grade illustrations of Winning Designs being the ultimate result.

As Winning Designs does not constitute a story in its own right, it is not considered valid by this Wiki, and as such, neither is the existence of the "Designs" Master.

Interestingly, Winning Designs was not the only time that licensed Doctor Who printed media introduced a new incarnation of the Master intended to resemble a famous actor: the Virgin New Adventures featured Anthony Ainley's Master using Tzun technology to turn his Trakenite vessel into a Time Lord body capable of regenerating, and showed him regenerating into an incarnation stated in behind-the-scenes material to be identical to Basil Rathbone.