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An incarnation of the Master opposed the Doctor in a multi-sided battle for control of the universe, with the Doctor, the Master, Davros and a Cyber-Controller all vying for control of artifacts and locations which would make them masters of the cosmos.

While the Doctor was aided by his companions, the Master's party was made up of other malevolent Time Lords: Borusa, Morbius, Omega and the Rani. (NOTVALID: Battle for the Universe)

Physical appearance and clothing[edit | edit source]

The Master had a long, brown, shaggy beard and hair. His skin was pale and sickly-looking, with green highlights reflected in the dark, formless robe-like garment he wore. He also displayed a large metal pendant or medallion, possibly a clasp for his cloak, on his chest. (NOTVALID: Battle for the Universe)

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