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The Master's Dalek Plan was the second story in the audio anthology Anti-Genesis, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Alan Barnes and featured Derek Jacobi as the War Master, Seán Carlsen as Narvin and Nicholas Briggs as an alternate race of Daleks.

Publisher's summary[]

As the Master inflitrates the Kaled scientific elite, the Time Lords seek to counter his interference. But while Narvin and President Livia try to stabilise the past, a new and horrifying future dawns in the wastelands of ancient Skaro.


On Skaro, the surviving members of the Kaled Scientific Elite gather for a service for ten victims of a Thal shelling on the bunker. amidst the quiet talking, a familiar gliding sound of a wheelchair can be heard as it approaches the microphone. it is the war master. he begins his speech with how the dead kaled victims gave their lives to ensure the survival of the kaled race. among the list of the deceased, which he honours as "So many valiant heroes," he names Dalazar, Darius, Frenton, Parran, Kavell (who he mis-pronouces as Akavell, much to the chagrin of the crowd) Gharman, Nyder, Ral, Shan, and finally, Davros. he goes on to list Davros triumphs in the Thousand Year War, and concludes the speech by bidding a mocking farewell to his rival, saying that he, Sorvad, Master of Science will light the fire to lead the Kaled race out of the darkness of their war with the Thals.

after the service ends, he askes if they are able to play some music for the sombre occasion, claiming to the assembled kaleds that it would have lifted their spirits.

meanwhile, the Time Lord war-criminal Lamarius who was convicted of firing on a dalek ship which in turn killed her wife and child whilst it was attacking a planet, has been sent by Narvin to Skaro with orders to kill the Master. although succesful her arrival, she got careless and got caught by a living barbed wire. Struggling to escape due to a flock of carrionoids circling above her location, she muses on the fact that her mission is doomed to failure due to the nature of the charges held against her. at the thought of her own death sealing the fate of her deceased family which would ensure their existences continued even for a short time, she renews her escape attempt, screaming at the flock to come in and get her...

In the Bunker, The Master enters the infirmary on a recruiting mission. he reaches out to Elrond, former assistant of Davros, to discuss the Mark III travel machine. whilst talking the old Kaled male reveals that he has gone blind due to an accident in the adjecent science block. feigning sympathy, the Master lies to elrond, claiming to have lost the use of his legs and needs to use a mobile chariot to move around. elrond is suprised when the Master claims to be Davros uncle since he never knew that Davros even had an uncle in the first place. The Master decides to enlist Elrond to further his scheme, claiming that only a monster would prolong suffering and that he himself is no monster. on the Masters orders, Two med-techs drag the frightend kaled out of the infirmary.

the Master glides out after them...

Out in the wastelands, Lamarius still has not gotten free. suddenly a gun-shot is heard, followed by a startled gasp from Lamarius. a figure is kneeling beside her, frantically whispering for her to not let the carrionoids get caught by the wire. shocked by its appearance, she asked who and what it is, even hitting a nerve when she asks if it is kaled or thal in origin. The figure is actually a mutated outcast from the warring races, created when the chemical weapons caused mutations amongst the population. he is called Arfor and he is a Muto. He is distrustful of the stranger, but sees that she is in trouble. After almost abandoning her to her fate, she manages to convince him to cut her free. he does so and they escape from the minefield.

back in the bunker, The Master is operating on Elrond...

to be continued...


  • Novar is from the Third Kaled Infantry.
  • Elrond mentions how carrionoids have evolved to scavenge from the Thousand Year War.
  • The Master goes by the alias name "Sorvad" which is "Davros" spelled backwards.



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