The Mary-Sue Extrusion is the eighteenth Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures novel. It is the first novel since Deadfall to be almost entirely told from a point of view other than Bernice Summerfield's. The story is primarily told from the point of view of the (unnamed) Stratum Seven Agent. He does however encounter several of Bernice's friends and associates throughout the novel.

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"Bernice Summerfield seemed to hold the key. She was in it up to her neck, and she was the one person left who could tell me what I needed to know. I rather hoped it wouldn't be necessary to snap said neck and kill her."

The planet Dellah was once one of the cultural centres of the galaxy. Now, it lies in ruins and things walk through the barren landscape, twisting the unfortunates who remain there to their unholy will.

The tragic effects of this cataclysm have been felt throughout local space, from cruel and draconian Thanaxos to the multiplexal chaos of the Proximan Chain Rafts. All know the ultimate result: a war is coming - is inevitable - and is set to blow the fragile stability of the galactic sector apart.

Only one person has the pieces of the puzzle that might prevent the coming collapse - Bernice Summerfield. The problem is, she's missing, and what's more she's not feeling precisely herself. And if Benny doesn't find out exactly who she is, and how she can fit into her newly shattered world, there isn't going to be a world for her to come back to at all.

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  • Earth Station Prime is also known as Ptolemaeus Staging Port, Puerto Luminae, Heng O's Refuge, Lunaville, Colony One and the Luna Port.
  • Beta Caprisis is a wasteland caused by high yield detonations that decimated the colony. What was once grass is now like molten glass smeared over the land. There are still moderate levels of radiation.

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  • Professor Sabron Jones grew begonias that Benny found on the Earth's moon.

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  • Time travellers are sometimes called persons of "meta-temporal displacement".

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  • This is told entirely from the Stratum Seven Agent's point of view, occasionally dipping into his past and into various emails and A True Adventure of the New Frontier stories.
  • Although the term "Mary-Sue" has a different meaning in this novel, in fan fiction circles it is also a widely-used term that describes a character created by the author of a fan fiction story who not only serves as an "avatar" or "fantasy figure" representation of the author, but invariably this character "saves the day" for the established characters.
  • Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej make quick appearances (in description, but not name). The Agent has met them before.

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  • Benny was saved and rescued from Dellah in PROSE: Where Angels Fear.
  • There is an excerpt from A True Adventure of a New Frontier called Ship of Death, which features a particularly bad retelling of PROSE: Ship of Fools.

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