The Many Lives of Doctor Who was the story made up of the linking material in The Many Lives of Doctor Who, published in 2018.

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Midway through regeneration, the Doctor looks back on their past lives before becoming the Thirteenth Doctor.

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  • The Doctor has a fondness for Earth, especially London.
  • The Doctor is from Gallifrey.
  • The Doctor liked wearing velvet in their third and twelfth incarnations.
  • The Doctor doesn't consider 1985 to be a "classic year".


  • The TARDIS has had "almost as many facelifts" as the Doctor.

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  • This story compromises of the linking material of The Many Lives of Doctor Who.
  • With the exception of the final page, which shows the Thirteenth Doctor standing on the surface of Desolation at some point during The Ghost Monument, this story takes place during the Twelfth Doctor's regeneration in TV: Twice Upon a Time.
  • This comic explicitly identifies the current incarnation as the Thirteenth Doctor, yet acknowledges that she isn't really, due to the existence of the War Doctor, their true ninth incarnation, and the Meta-Crisis Doctor, who would be technically their twelfth incarnation.

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