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The Many Lives of Doctor Who (graphic novel), to dab from the The Many Lives of Doctor Who (comic story), the page which covers the linking segments

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The Many Lives of Doctor Who was solicited as "issue 0" of Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor published in 2018.


Title Doctor Featuring Released
The Many Lives of Doctor Who 13th Twelfth Doctor 26 September 2018
The Path of Skulls 1st Susan, Ian, Barbara
Card Conundrum 2nd Ben, Polly, Jamie
Invasion of the Scorpion Men 3rd Sarah, Dahensa
Time Lady of Means 4th Romana II, Tigil, Kemos
Ophiuchus 5th Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough
Virtually Indestructible 6th Peri
Crossing the Rubicon 7th Ace, Julius Caesar, the Master
The Time Ball 8th Josie
The Whole Thing's Bananas War Dorium Maldovar
Return of the Volsci 9th Rose, Jack
Nurse Who? 10th Gabby, Cindy
Without a Paddle 11th Alice, River
Harvest of the Daleks 12th Bill