The Man in the Velvet Mask was the nineteenth novel in the Virgin Missing Adventures series. It was written by Daniel O'Mahony and featured the First Doctor and Dodo Chaplet.

This novel provided an explanation for a notable inconsistency regarding the Doctor's physiology; The Man in the Velvet Mask stated regeneration would result in the growth of a second heart. This came about due to the apparent the presence of only one heart inside the first incarnation of the Doctor, seen in the story The Edge of Destruction, before the concept of a binary cardiovascular system was introduced in Spearhead from Space, where the newly-regenerated Third Doctor displayed two hearts in an x-ray that was taken of his chest and would become the case for his future incarnations as well as the rest of the Time Lord species.

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"The triumph of virtue. The misfortunes of vice. Who said the play had to be like the book?"

24 Messidor, XXII: the TARDIS has landed in post-revolutionary France, or so it appears. But the futuristic structure of the New Bastille towers over a twisted version of Paris. And First Deputy Minski, adopted son of the infamous Marquis de Sade, presides over a reign of terror that has yet to end.

Revolutionary soldiers arrest an ailing Doctor as a curfew breaker. Dodo is recruited by a band of wandering players whose intentions are less than pure. Deep in the dungeons of the Bastille, Prisoner 6 tries desperately to remember who he is. And outside time and space, a gathering of aliens watch in horror as their greatest experiment goes catastrophically wrong.

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  • Dalville offers Dodo cigars and snuff, both of which she refuses.

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  • This adventure takes place between The Savages and The War Machines.
  • According to the novel, Time Lords grow their second heart after their first regeneration. This is an attempt to rectify the implication in the television story The Edge of Destruction that the First Doctor had only a single heart; it would later be referenced in Christmas on a Rational Planet.
  • O'Mahony pitched a sequel novel to BBC Books. He described it as "a black-comedy historical set in 1916, called Viet Cong!". However, it was rejected.[1]

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