The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood was the second audio story in God Among Us 1.

Publisher's summary[]

Brent Hayden. To some he’s the darling of the alt-right, to others he's a far-left crusader. A lot of people watch his videos, hang off his every word. Crisis actors? Conspiracies? Black Ops? Brent knows you deserve the truth. And Brent's come to Cardiff, because he's going to expose Torchwood. Don't forget to Like and Subscribe.


Brent Hayden welcomes his listeners to Tomorrow's Truth and tells them that he will be meeting a man who works for Torchwood and will help him take them down. He meets Tyler in a café.

Some time later, Tyler arrives at Brent's house and Brent imagines Jack Harkness killing him and his mother before burning the house down. He reminisces about how he and Tyler first met, misremembering Tyler as being in awe of him, and quickly loses his temper when Tyler is sarcastic, telling him that he is important. He then remembers when he first met Torchwood, weeks before meeting Tyler, and how he overheard Jack and "Core" wanting to kill him for their paymasters. He also remembers how Mr Colchester shut his door in his face.

Brent thinks about his and Tyler's meeting after he made his first video based on Tyler's information and how Tyler had criticised him. He then chooses to remember it differently, with Tyler giving him praise and he himself being modest. Tyler gave him a link to an image of a Weevil, about which he made a video incorrectly calling it a "Werevil". The next video was about the Sorvix, whom Tyler said were chaos actors.

Remembering his video on the Sorvix, he then thinks about when he beat up one of them. He dreams about Yvonne, Jack and Ng chasing him with guns before Core switches sides for him and is shot as a traitor after confessing her love. He imagines himself punching and defeating Jack before his mum wakes him up. She tells him not to obsess about his channel's ranking and how many views he receives and comforts him as he cries, saying he wants to be special.

Brent goes out and gets drunk. He meets God and tells her about his videos and how he wants more subscribers. Returning home, he finds that his subscriber count is rapidly increasing.

After the Sorvix left, Brent and Tyler meet again and Tyler tells him that Brent had been the one to scare them off. He makes another video on them and, afterwards, imagines Torchwood's reaction, including Jack slapping Yvonne on her behind and declaring war on Brent. Something bleeps in Tyler's pocket and he tells Brent that, because he made a video saying that Mr Colchester was murdered by Torchwood and died happy as a fan of Brent's, he has uploaded child pornography onto his computer for the police to find. Downstairs, his mother answers the door to the police, who march downstairs as he shouts that he is special.





  • Tyler mentions the flight of the Sorvix. (AUDIO: Future Pain)
  • Brent mentions Mr Colchester's death. (AUDIO: Herald of the Dawn)
  • Tyler shows Brent a photo of a "werevil", and says they live in the sewers and feed on human faeces. (TV: Everything Changes etc.)
  • Brent says the rain will make your balls shrink to the size of a peanut. Jack previously mentioned that contraceptives get into the water cycle and feminise the fish. (TV: Everything Changes)


  1. King was credited as playing "Mourner" on the Big Finish app and website.

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