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The Maldovarium, or the Maldovar Market, sometimes Maldovar's, was a market settlement in the 52nd century, with a bar and a black market (TV: The Pandorica Opens) along with salons and cafés. It was located beneath a space-time rift, known as Geryon's Eye, and atop an unnamed planetoid. (AUDIO: The Light Keepers)


Having stolen Dalekanium-eating Vashta Nerada from Synthesis Station, Dendry planned to sip cocktails with his buyer at the Maldovarium only to be devoured by the Vashta Nerada before he could make his appointment. (AUDIO: Day of the Vashta Nerada)

Nathan Hobb bought a Magnetic Quantum Field Generator from the Maldovar market in the 30th century for his time ship, The Best Before. (AUDIO: Backtrack)

River Song went there to get a vortex manipulator from the bar's owner, a blue-skinned alien named Dorium Maldovar. (TV: The Pandorica Opens)

The Ravenous placed a bounty at the Maldovarium, demanding that Time Lords be brought to the Ravenous' prison dimension. Acting on this, the Nightstalker came to 1963 Shoreditch and attempted to kidnap the First Doctor and Susan Foreman. River Song also saw the bounty and followed him to Shoreditch. (AUDIO: An Unearthly Woman)

Dorium later met with Madame Kovarian and Colonel Manton there while closing the bar down. He was decapitated by the Headless Monks on the same day. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) However, Dorium survived as but a simple head. (TV: The Wedding of River Song) In Dorium's absence, Agrakos, Kiz, and Vertebrae Rax robbed the Maldovarium with the help of the Nestene Consciousness. (PROSE: The Heist)

The Maldovarium market was also the place where the Eleventh Doctor found Handles, the head of a decapitated Cyberman, who became his aide and companion. (TV: The Time of the Doctor)

Colony Sarff went to the Maldovarium as they searched for the Twelfth Doctor, but was unable to find him. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice)