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The Making of a Television Series offered a detailed examination of making Doctor Who. However, in this instance the word series in the title could rightly have been said to be a synonym for serial, since it specifically offered a look at the making of The Visitation

Publisher's summary Edit

The Making of a Television Series is a celebration of a series that now has almost 100 million regular viewers around the world. It is also a fascinating account of the co-operative effort required to put the intrepid Doctor in orbit each week!

This blurb was only found on the paperback edition; the hardcover edition had no such summary.

Subject matter Edit

This book was mainly about the making of The Visitation, and how that experience was indicative of the way that Doctor Who was generally produced.

Contents (not listed) Edit

Doctor Who
Producer John Nathan-Turner
The Star Peter Davison
Director Peter Moffatt
Script writer Eric Saward
Companions Janet Fielding, Matthew Waterhouse and Sarah Sutton
Designer Ken Starkey
Monsters with Monster menagerie photo-spread
Make-up Carolyn Perry
Special effects Peter Wragg
Costume Odile Dicks-Mireaux
Production associate Angela Smith
Production Manager Ros Parker
Production assistant Julia Randall

Notes Edit

  • This book was designed by Richard Vine with photographs by Richard Farley with the BBC supplying the photos of previous Doctors.
  • The photographs of monsters in the double page picture spread appear to have been taken at a Doctor Who Exhibitions including staged sets, a dummy in the Pirate Captain costume, and a Marshman without eyes.
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