The Making of The Trial of a Time Lord: Part Four, The Ultimate Foe was the fourth and final documentary in the Making of The Trial of a Time Lord series. As the name suggested, it concerned itself with the making of The Ultimate Foe.

Topics discussed[edit | edit source]

The documentary opened with Colin Baker enthusing about the idea of The Ultimate Foe as "precisely the sort of Doctor Who [he'd] always wanted to do" because of its surreal and paradoxical content.

There followed a discussion of the writing problems that plagued the story, given that Robert Holmes had died having only completed episode 13 and Eric Saward was fighting with John Nathan-Turner to protect Holmes' original ending. Pip and Jane Baker offered their recollections of how they came to write episode 14.

Director Chris Clough talked about the technicalities of filming the beach scenes with Colin Baker and Michael Jayston. Clough went spoke about why certain buildings had been chosen for location filming and why the main "Fantasy Factory" location was actually more relevant to the original episode 14 script by Saward and Holmes.

Clough, Jayston, Baker and Tony Selby told a few stories about actor Geoffrey Hughes.

Hickman and Sangster spoke of how the Matrix, the Valeyard and the Master were used in the story. Colin Baker wrapped up proceedings by musing over the appropriateness of "carrot juice" as a Doctor's final words.

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