The Magician's Apprentice: What We Know So Far was the third episode of Season 1 of The Fan Show, released on the Doctor Who YouTube Channel.

It featured no standalone Doctor Who skit as other episodes did; instead, the wholly documentary segments with Christel Dee as herself bled into a more fictionalised, satirical sequence of satirical fiction covering fan opinion on Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams making the jump to Doctor Who in the style of a sports broadcast regarding a player changing teams. It saw a barely-costumed Christel Dee playing "Pete Lannister" and "Gendry Temple-Noble", two TV reporters, and also mentioned Davros and the Daleks as if they were real beings. Due to its overtly parodical nature and not being a standalone story, the skit is, of course, not considered a valid source on this Wiki.

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Series 9 will begin with a two-parter, the first episode of which will be titled The Magician's Apprentice. For those brave enough to research spoilers, what information is available as of now?

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  • The joke of referring to the Daleks as if they were a soccer team under the name of "Skaro Disunited" was later echoed by the The Daft Dimension comic strip in DWM 445, where the Daleks form a soccer team called "Skaro United", which competes with Mondas City in a game refereed by the Time Lords.
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