The Love Invasion was a comic story published in Doctor Who Magazine. It was the first comic strip to feature the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler. It also featured the brief return of former companions Ben Jackson and Polly Wright, and revealed that Ben eventually proposed to Polly.

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The Doctor takes Rose to London in the year 1966, where they find beautiful girls wandering the streets, doing good on behalf of a group called Lend-a-Hand. The Doctor notes the girls don't smell human. He becomes concerned when he discovers that someone is preparing to build affordable family housing on the fields where Rose's council estate is supposed to be built.

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Ben & Polly the Love Invasion

Ben proposing to Polly.

  • Ben presents Polly with an engagement ring.
  • The Ninth Doctor screams "Geronimo" as he jumps from a building.

Notes Edit

  • The first words spoken by the Ninth Doctor in his comic book tenure are: "Best thing about this century, Rose... Only place in the universe where the TARDIS is any cop as a disguise!"
  • This is the only Ninth Doctor comic story to be published during his tenure as the "current" Doctor.
  • When the Doctor finds Shirley has followed him to the Lend-a-Hand building instead of going home as he told her, he appears to address the readers of DWM, saying: "Why does nobody ever do what I ask 'em to do? Is there a tattoo on my forehead, 'Ignore this bloke and any sensible thing he tells you'?"
  • There is a poster on the wall of a pub reading "Bad Wolf", a reference to the story arc resolved in the television story The Parting of the Ways.

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