The Lost Boy was released in November 2008, a full year after the last release of novelisations. It adapts The Lost Boy, the final regular serial of The Sarah Jane Adventures first series. With its release, all episodes of the first season have been adapted. It is the first time a complete season of a Doctor Who-related series had been fully adapted in novelisation form within a year of original broadcast.

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Life on Earth can be an adventure, too. You just need to know where to look.

Sarah Jane is shocked to see an appeal on television by distraught parents of a missing boy — Luke, her adopted son! She is accused of kidnapping him and has to hand Luke over to his "real" parents. But something doesn't seem right. With the help of her friends, Maria, Clyde and Alan, Sarah Jane uncovers a sinister alien plot and a shocking truth about a loyal "friend"...

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  • The novelisation features a specially written prologue. It describes how the Goss family gets killed by the Slitheen and how their skin suits are used to create the fictional Heidi and Jay Stafford. It is described from Mrs Townsend's point of view.

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