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The Lost was the eighth and final episode of Class. It was written by Patrick Ness, directed by Julian Holmes and featured Greg Austin as Charlie Smith, Fady Elsayed as Ram Singh, Sophie Hopkins as April MacLean, Vivian Oparah as Tanya Adeola and Katherine Kelly as Miss Quill.

It saw the return of the Shadow Kin and the debut of the Weeping Angels in Class. This was the first and, due to the series' cancellation, full televised story to feature Miss Quill with her free will back and her arn removed.

A number of major things happened in this episode. It saw Corakinus kill both Varun Singh and Vivian Adeola, as well as the death of Corakinus himself. Charlie finally activated the Cabinet of Souls, using it to destroy the Shadow Kin, and he also became the Shadow King. It also marked the death of Dorothea Ames after she was killed by a Weeping Angel. It showed the death of April MacLean at the hands of Charlie, and her return to life in Corakinus' body.

Due to the series being cancelled by BBC Three, the episode serves as the final televised Class serial, leaving the ending cliffhanger unresolved.

Synopsis Edit

As Corakinus rages war on Earth, the Coal Hill defenders must fight the Shadow Kin one last time.

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As various rifts in time open up all over London, April performs a song she wrote herself (named "The Lost") in front of a large crowd at a café. Meanwhile, Ram is training with his father in a park, but ends up storming away in anger. He turns around to see his father being stabbed through the chest by Corakinus, who has arrived through a time rift. Ram attempts to run back but is too late; his father disintegrates in front of him. Corakinus turns to him and says "one", before escaping through another rift.

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Coal Hill Academy Edit

  • Miss Quill is training Tanya in combat in the Coal Hill school hall, and the final battle also takes place here.

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  • When Tanya cries, Miss Quill ask her if a pony has hurt its leg somewhere.
  • A Weeping Angel kills Dorothea.

Technology Edit

  • Charlie stores Miss Quill's gun in the box-part of the Cabinet of Souls. He later uses it during the final battle.
  • The Governors are responsible for the infinetesimal tears in space/time.

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  • The story is left with a huge open ending concerning April and the Weeping Angels.
  • This story had an alternative version of the end credits theme tune, which was scrapped but included on the "Bonus CD" of the Class soundtrack.

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Final UK Ratings: 0.32 million

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