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The Longest Night was the fourth story in the Big Finish UNIT audio series. It was written by Joseph Lidster.

Publisher's summary[]

"We interrupt this broadcast..."

Having survived a day at the seaside, Robert Dalton and Emily Chaudhry are enjoying a few pints... Having spent the day answering the phone and praying for some action, Will Hoffman is enjoying a night out... Having signed a controversial new European treaty, the Prime Minister is on his way back to Downing Street... Having survived yet another day, the people of Britain are settling down to eat dinner, stay in, go out, spend time with their friends...

"...we're receiving reports that..."

It's just another ordinary evening in the United Kingdom...

"...a bomb has exploded in central London..."


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  • Chaudhry and Currie refer to the 11 September attacks; the media wonders if the attacks are due to British involvement in Iraq.
  • The Prime Minister wonders if the media may blame the attacks on Chechen rebels or the IRA.
  • The killer policeman Sergeant Flemming sarcastically quotes the Metropolitan Police Service's "working for a safer London" slogan.
  • Dalton and Currie are disparaging about the Daily Mail.
  • London is using the Euro as its currency as part of the Euro-Combine Treaty.
  • Chaudhry refers to Brimmicombe-Wood as a "Casanova". David Tennant had played this role on television the same year.
  • Dalton sings the children's song London's Burning.
  • Major cities under attack from ICIS include London, Bradford, Manchester, Glasgow, Lincoln and Hull.
  • Over 1000 people, including two members of the British Royal Family and television personalities, were killed within the UK during the attacks, with 452 in London alone and 15 people in Lincoln and Hull.


  • This audio drama was recorded on 5 December 2004 and 30 January 2005 at the Moat Studios.
  • Part of the plot involves the bombing of the London Underground to terrorise people. On 7 July 2005, four months after the story was released, the Underground was bombed in real life.
  • The audio drama begins to start the end credits theme when Kirby is arrested, only for it to abruptly stop when he reveals he's carrying a bomb.
  • PROSE: Rise of the Dominator places The Coup as occurring in late 2004, placing this story as early 2005.
  • This story was originally released on CD. It is now available as a download only.
  • The story was re-released as part of the UNIT: The Complete Series box set in May 2020.


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