The Lodger, based upon the TV story The Lodger, is the fourth and last photo novelisation of a story from Series 5 of Doctor Who.

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There's a house in an ordinary street in an ordinary town with a staircase that people go up, but never come down ... To solve the mystery of the man upstairs, the Doctor must pass himself off as a normal human being, and share the downstairs flat with Craig Owens.

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  • The photos novelisation is suitable for fluent plus readers. Inside the book there are a lot of photos from the televised story with a few text. It is for children who learn to read.
  • Peter Gutierrez's photo novelisations The Lodger and Victory of the Daleks look more like photo comics and have less text than the other Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures photo novelisations.

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  • Some of the characters' thoughts are revealed through thought bubbles. These thoughts give some background information about the characters, especially about Steven, Sandra and the clubber.
  • Sean is spelled "Shaun" in the novelisation.

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