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The Lives of Captain Jack was an audio series produced by Big Finish Productions beginning in 2017. It starred Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman.


Volume One[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
1.1 The Year After I Died Guy Adams 6 June 2017
1.2 Wednesdays For Beginners James Goss Jackie
1.3 One Enchanted Evening Alonso
1.4 Month 25 Guy Adams Javic Thane, Time Agency

Volume Two[]

Main article: The Lives of Captain Jack: Volume Two
# Title Author Featuring Released
2.1 Piece of Mind James Goss Sixth Doctor 12 June 2019
2.2 What Have I Done? Guy Adams
2.3 Driving Miss Wells James Goss Trinity Wells

Volume Three[]

Main article: The Lives of Captain Jack: Volume Three
# Title Author Featuring Released
3.1 Crush Guy Adams Jackie Tyler 25 March 2020
3.2 Mighty and Despair Tim Foley
3.3 R&J James Goss River Song

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