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The Lions of Trafalgar was a 2011 Big Finish Productions audio short story, read by Peter Davison. It was set entirely within Trafalgar Square.


Panic ensues when stone lions come to life in nineteenth century London... and the Fifth Doctor is stuck on the top of Nelson's Column.


Arriving on a momentous day, 23 October 1843, the Fifth Doctor takes Nyssa and Tegan to Trafalgar Square. He finds several stone lions there that are invisible to everyone but the travellers. To investigate the matter, he decides to climb Nelson's Column. At the top he finds that the column's contractors, Samuel Morton Peto and Thomas Grissell, have been possessed by a race known as the Sevakrill. They reveal that the column has been fitted with a missile that will destroy the Earth in 2017, distracting their enemies, the Charnal horde.

The Doctor urges Peto and Grissell to build a mental barrier between themselves and their host. In the square, the lions chase after Nyssa and Tegan; they kill seven civilians and a policeman in the process. Finally, the Sevakrill are forced out and the lions return to their plinths. The Doctor spends two weeks lowering the missile into a tunnel beneath the column and builds a floor over it. He leaves behind a short range sensor that will warn him should the missile ever be activated. He comments passingly that he might check to see if someone has tampered with Cleopatra's Needle.




  • The story is a reference to an old legend that the lions in Trafalgar Square will come to life if Big Ben chimes 13 times.


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