The Light Keepers was the third story of The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Roy Gill, performed by Jacob Dudman and Simon Fisher-Becker and featured the Eleventh Doctor and Dorium Maldovar.

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Dorium Maldovar has a problem. The self-styled 'Beacon People' are bad for business, and now they're in his shuttle park, digging for mysterious minerals.

When the Doctor crashes into his life once again, Dorium enlists him to find out what these scavengers are really up to inside their lighthouse.

But a lighthouse signals danger – and this beacon was placed to warn of something more ancient and powerful than anyone knows. Something that is returning...

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  • The Beacon People, or Light Keepers, use an Archimedes screw.
  • The Maldovarium is on a planetoid with a desert landscape near a red space-time rift called "Geryon's Eye."
  • The Lux are an ancient light god from beyond the universe, represented by the Light Queen who states "We are the first, the beginning, from us all matter springs."
  • The Lux's automaton is called a Lumen.
  • The Doctor defeats the Lux using a wave modulator disguised as a silver pendant.

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