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The Legend Continues was an extended version of The Legend. It featured additional material that covered the Ninth Doctor era.

Subject matter Edit

This revised edition of The Legend covers the televised adventures of the Ninth Doctor and concentrates on the narrative of Doctor Who, the wider tapestry of information we learn about the Doctor, his companions and enemies and the worlds he has visited.

Publisher's summary Edit

At about tea time on Saturday 23 November 1963, a legend was born.

This books celebrates a modern icon. It traces the history of a TV legend, covering each and every one of the Doctor's televised adventures – the worlds his TARDIS has visited, the people and creatures he has met, the monsters he has fought, and the history he has made ... from that historic Saturday in 1963 right through to the present.

Meticulously researched and stunningly illustrated, this book draws on Doctor Who expertise from across time and space and brings together information and images that even the Doctor himself would be proud to possess.

So step inside this TARDIS of a book and find out how a legend began, how it captured the imagination of millions, and how it lives on today ... A revised and updated edition of the ultimate guide to Doctor Who.

Contents Edit

Design, Costume and Make-up
Visual Effects
Sound Effects and the Radiophonic Workshop
Incidental Music
Electronic Effects
Other Media
The Other Worlds of Doctor Who

Notable features Edit

  • TARDIS Data Bank blocks give concise summaries of key information, Journey Information tells the story through separate headings and New Information expands our growing knowledge of what we have already learnt. Background (Behind the scenes) features appear throughout where appropriate and include the New Series 1.

Notes Edit

  • This title was released priced £20.00 (UK)
  • In the earlier edition the Ninth Doctor was the Doctor portrayed by Richard E Grant in the BBC 2003 animated adventure Scream of the Shalka, with a whole chapter devoted to this story. For this edition, Scream of the Shalka is reduced to a single line mention under TV Productions, under "The Other Worlds of Doctor Who".
  • Several pages in the Anatomy of a Legend had been amended so as to include the Ninth Doctor televised adventures.
  • The final 2 pages introduce the Tenth Doctor and the Future (Series 2)
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