The Leadworth Chronicle

The Eleventh Doctor holds up a copy of The Leadworth Chronicle. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

The Leadworth Chroncle was a local newspaper in the English village of Leadworth. When Amy Pond and Rory Williams made a crop circle as a signal to the Eleventh Doctor, the crop circle became front page news on the Chronicle, which ran the headline "Leadworth's Crop Circle".

The front page also featured an article about a cat entitled "Glamour Puss". In the sport section, on the back page of the paper, were a series of further articles including "3-0 Victory for Colchester Knights", "Mole in One: Local Golf Course Terrorised by Pests", "McGriffin Suspended After Cheating" and "Back of the Neck: Favourite Pulls Out Due to Injury". The articles "Local Lad Heads to the Olympics" and "German Shepherd Sniffs Out Norman Fortune" were shown in the "News Inside" section of the front page.

A phone number by which the reader could contact the paper was also featured: 01632 960200. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)


Leadworth's Crop CircleEdit

The paper reported on a mysterious crop circle which had appeared in a local field. It ran the story with a photo of the crop circle taken from above, which appeared to spell out the word "Doctor". (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

{The first part of the article is illegible} shaped crop-circle - which some claim spells out the word 'Doctor' - is a coded message from extraterrestrials, an unusual meteorological phenomena or even a sign from God.
{The first part of this paragraph is illegible} and disregard it as the work of hoaxers, but the vast array of visitors flooding to the site - from healers to Druids to UFO believers - are joined by officials from the UK Space Agency and well respected astronomers in offering more curious opinions. The extraordinary occurrence has attracted so much attention that police have been forced to block the work with yellow tape. However, owner of the field, local farmer Kenneth Townsend has thwarted their attempts to play down the mystery by charging an {the rest of the article is illegible}

Behind the scenes Edit

The sports section of the paper has a headline which reads, "Back of the Neck: Favourite Pulls Out Due to Injury". Though the Donna Noble used the phrase "back of the neck" after hitting a Sontaran in his probic vent, it's questionable whether this newspaper headline is an oblique reference to The Poison Sky. It's far more likely to be, just like the Helen Raynor-penned line itself, simply a play on the common British colloquialism, "Back of the net!" Were the article readable, it's possible that it describes a player sidelined by a neck injury.

Most likely due to the blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance of the paper in Let's Kill Hitler, The Leadworth Chronicle shares two headlines with the Colchester Evening News: "Local Lad Heads to the Olympics" and "German Shepherd Sniffs Out Norman Fortune". Unlike that paper though, the articles are not shown, but instead implied to be featured inside the paper.

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