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The Laughing Gnome was the sixth series of books in the Lethbridge-Stewart series.

Summary Edit

December 2011, and the Lethbridge-Stewart clan are gathering. The patriarch, Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, is not well. In fact, he's dying.

He's determined to face his end with dignity. He has lived a long life, seen a lot of strange things, saved the world more times than he can count, but he has also made a lot of mistakes.

What if he had a chance to revisit some of those mistakes?

Stories Edit

Title Writer(s) Release date
Scary Monsters Simon A. Forward September 2018
Fear of the Web Alyson Leeds October 2018
The Danger Men Nick Walters December 2018
Rise of the Dominator Robert Mammone February 2019
Lucy Wilson and the Bledoe Cadets Tim Gambrell 18 May 2019
On His Majesty’s National Service[1] David A. McIntee

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