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The Last Precinct were a group of scorned ex-policemen who had turned to guerrilla warfare in their quest to reclaim their jobs.

History Edit

The chief members, Sergeant Harry Pike and Professor Halloran, were encountered by K9 Mark 2 and his friends. Sergeant Pike was one of the greatest police officers in the whole of London until he lost his job to the CCPC program, which decreed the immediate replacement of human law enforcement agents with more efficient cyborgs.

Walking out on his wife and only child, Pike set out to vanquish the CCPC scourge and get his job back. As his legend grew, more and more joined him to form the Last Precinct. With his best friend and second-in-command, world-renowned forensic scientist, Professor Halloran, Pike uncovered a Department scheme to enhance the CCPC officers' capabilities with extraterrestrial biotechnology and set out to turn it against them. Using an organic computer virus that targeted the technology, he spread the error through all the CCPCs giving him complete control, a power which he would use to ruin the CCPCs' credibility, forcing the Department to have them recalled, restoring all the policemen whom they had terminated.

However, the CCPCs ran amok, breaking free from the shackles of servitude and wreaking havoc. K9 managed to immunise them, curing them of the virus and restoring them to normal. The CCPCs then took Pike and Halloran into custody, ending their threat forever. (TV: The Last Precinct)

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