The Last Pharaoh was the first novel published by Thebes Publishing and premiered their Erimem series. The series was licensed and edited by Iain McLaughlin and is set following the events of The Bride of Peladon.

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After a freak electrical storm that seems to happen indoors, a young woman is found in the Egyptian exhibit of a London museum, and she seems to look exactly like the face on the death-mask of the uncrowned Pharaoh Erimem...

What is she doing inside the exhibit? How did she get there? Is she really a Pharaoh from 1400 BC? And just who is willing to search time and space to find and assassinate her?

The Last Pharaoh is the first in a series of novels and short story anthologies taking Erimem, a former companion of the 5th Doctor, on a new set of adventures travelling to the past, the future and into deep space. The Last Pharaoh takes Erimem and a group of 21st century students far into the past, to Actium in Greece where Erimem meets the famed Cleopatra VII on the eve of a vital battle which could end Egypt's existence as a free country and condemn it to life as a Roman province. Two great rulers of Egypt come into conflict over what Egypt needs to do in order to survive, and both Erimem and Cleopatra face their own personal battles for survival.

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  • Andy expected Cleopatra to look like Elizabeth Taylor.
  • Ibrahim's bullet wound causes him to think about the American crime dramas his girlfriend enjoys watching, CSI and NCIS.
  • Ibrahim drove a Land Rover.
  • Smenkhare was a female pharaoh.
  • Cleopatra VII looked more Greek than Egyptian.
  • Ibrahim liked to watch Sky Sports.
  • Andy explained to Erimem that "a Scooby" was contemporary slang that meant "a clue," derived from Scooby Doo.

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