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The Last Dose was the third story in Cyberon. It was a short story written by James Hornby. The story starts by adapting the post-credits scene of the Cyberon home video, and then introduces a new storyline. It was later given an audiobook reading by Nigel Peever as part of BBV's Cyberon: Enhanced Spoken Word of the Novelisation.


The government has caught wind of the Cyberon drug and seized the PKD facility to cut it off. Tom Mordley remains at large, spreading Cyberon by dealing it as a party drug in nightclubs. With his supply running low, he heads to PKD to raid it.

Geneva and Canary Wharf both have teams at PKD, and PROBE ask former member Louise Bayliss to oversee matters so nothing falls into the wrong hands. Bayliss discovers Mordley at large and tracks him to the drug's source: a badly damaged Cyberon. The Cyberon orders Mordley to kill Bayliss but contact with her golden necklace disrupts his Cybertron infection, and with his mind briefly cleared he kills the machine. Rather than allow the Cyberon within himself to survive, Mordley kills himself.

The drug is covered up as a hoax by a conman, and Bayliss visits Lauren Anderson to give her closure.




  • The scene in Brainstorm is the end of the video Cyberon. The rest of the story is original to the book.
  • P.R.O.B.E. is looked down on by other counter-alien groups like UNIT due to its lack of funding. At the same time, both UNIT and P.R.O.B.E. look down on Torchwood One as "reckless egotists".
  • The boffins in the Vault suggest that gold creates interference between the Cyberon and the human nervous system. Gold as a weakness for Cybermen was established in TV: Revenge of the Cybermen.
  • Patsy is busy arranging the transfer of old LONGBOW files from Edinburgh. LONGBOW having a base there references the Lethbridge-Stewart books.


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