The Lady of Mercia was the second story in the 2013 Fifth Doctor audio trilogy. This story was set in 1983, making it contemporous with the TV stories of this era.

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The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and Nyssa to the University of Frodsham, close to where the warrior queen Æthelfrid fought a desperate and bloody rearguard action against the savage Danes. Over a thousand years later, in 1983, battle is still being raged, with student activists taking on savage funding cuts... and disrupting a conference about Æthelfrid convened by history professor John Bleak.

Meanwhile, over in the Physics Department, Dr Philippa Stone is working night and day on a top-secret project — but can her theoretical time machine really be the solution to the university's problems?

Present and past are about to collide — and the results, as the TARDIS crew is about to discover, will be far from academic!


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  • Phillipa's time machine follows the TARDIS' path through the vortex. Paradoxically, it does this before the TARDIS travels back through time.
  • Tegan notes that she and Professor John Bleak are both from 1983.
  • Tegan attended college prior to travelling with the Doctor.



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