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The Klepton Parasites was the first TV Comic story, as well as the first Doctor Who strip of all time.

It featured Dr. Who and introduced two new companions for the comic, his grandchildren, John and Gillian Who.


On Earth, John and Gillian meet their grandfather, the Doctor. They travel in the TARDIS to the 30th century, where the Kleptons are attacking the peaceful Thains. The travellers help them repel the invaders, follow the Kleptons to their secret underwater city and defeat their plans.


Part One[]

In the distant future, the Thains have lived peacefully and happily for many years on a distant planet. However, they are suddenly attacked by a race known as the Kleptons, who intend to enslave the race. The Kleptons take numerous Thains hostage via their advanced airships and unleash a race of massive plants on the city, which grow quickly and begin crushing the Thain city. Having no weapons and no way to stop the Kleptons, the Thains fear that they are doomed.

Meanwhile, in the 20th century, two children named John and Gillian seek out their grandfather, Dr. Who, who lives at Number Sixteen — which they discover is not a house but just an empty yard, inside which they find a lone police box. Inside the box, they find their grandfather, whom they are meeting for the first time, who explains that they are inside a time travelling machine. John, fascinated by the controls, presses a button and causes the ship to take off.

Opening the ship's doors to see where they've landed, the trio are greeted by a Klepton airship, and the orders that they be kidnapped immediately.

Part Two[]

The Kleptons return to the Thain city at the exact moment the TARDIS has landed, and one Thain attempts to kidnap Gillian via their airships. John throws a brick, breaking the glass of the ship and setting Gillian free. The ship crashes, causing the Kleptons to flee.

Valda, the leader of the Thains, introduces himself to the group and explains their plight. Valda fears that the Klepton's technology is too much for the unarmed race to take on, but the Doctor notes that if a simple brick could halt their plans, they could indeed defeat the Kleptons. John, noticing a museum in the city, suggests they look for weapons inside that can be armed and used against the invaders.

Inside, they indeed find century-old heat guns, which they repair. Suddenly, the Kleptons return to the city...

Part Three[]

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Part Four[]

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Part Five[]

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Part Six[]

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Part Seven[]

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Part Eight[]

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Part Nine[]

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Part Ten[]

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The cover to TVC 674, proudly declaring the start to the Doctor Who comic run which would last until 1979.

  • The first issue of this story was printed in TV 674. The cover to said issue advertised the narrative on the cover, stating "Starts today! Doctor Who".
  • This was the very first Doctor Who comic strip. It opened with the following narrative: "In the far distant future, the Thains have lived happily and peacefully for many years. But one day, strange, menacing creatures hover over the city..."
  • The very first words were spoken not by the Doctor himself but by the villains of the story, the Kleptons: "We are the Kleptons! We will take over your cities and your land! You Thains will be our slaves!"
  • The very first words spoken by Dr. Who (who does not appear until the third panel of the second page) were: "You must be John and Gillian! How nice to meet you!"
  • The title of this comic story logically applies to the city-destroying plants harvested by the Kleptons, the Creepers. However, some have taken the title to mean that "Klepton Parasites" is an alternate term for the Klepton race.
  • John and Gillian's home time, presumed to be 1964 by most fans, is never stated in the comic, as it is just said that they are from the 20th century.
  • John has been told that his and Gillian's grandfather Dr. Who is "an inventor or something", but the reader never learns who gave him this information.
  • The word TARDIS is never spoken in this comic. Dr. Who's vessel is referred to as a "time travelling machine", "the 'Police Box'", and "the flying machine." The next story, COMIC: The Therovian Quest, would be the first to use the term.
  • This story was reprinted in DWCC 2 in colour.