The Kingdom Builders was the last Doctor Who strip in TV Comic prior to the move over to Countdown.

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The Third Doctor offers to test John Henderson's new time machine and finds himself in 2971, where the war between the Hendersons and the Trents threatens to tear apart a village.

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  • After this story, Doctor Who comic stories ended their run in TV Comic and started in TV Action.
  • The very last words spoken in this era of TV Comic', spoken by the Doctor, are, "Cheerio, Henderson... I'll be seeing you."

Original print details Edit

(Publication with page count and closing captions)
  • TVC 992 (2 pages) What does the future hold in store for Dr. Who? See next week.
  • TVC 993 (2 pages) Can Dr. Who escape? See next week.
  • TVC 994 (2 pages) Can one man take on a whole army? See next week.
  • TVC 995 (2 pages) Next week, the big break through!
  • TVC 996 (2 pages) Next week more dangers for Dr. Who!
  • TVC 997 (2 pages) Will Cooper ruin Dr. Who's plans? See next week.
  • TVC 998 (2 pages) Don't miss next week's super celebration issue.

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