The Jungle Book was a film based on a book of the same name. Anji Kapoor had first seen it when she was six. She later compared the Eighth Doctor to the film's friendly panther, Bagheera, and further imagined him chanting, "Trust in me, just in me", a line from the film. She compared Fitz Kreiner to the incompetent ape, King Louie.

Anji concluded that it was a good film that she had both loved and hated. However, its legacy of jungle jokes in her classroom was not to her liking. (PROSE: EarthWorld)

Behind the scenes Edit

An animated adaptation of The Jungle Book was produced by Disney, and released in 1967.

A live-action adaptation was released in 2016, starring Bill Murray. Music was by John Debney, who composed the Doctor Who theme and incidental music for the Doctor Who TV movie.

Carole Ann Ford appeared in The Jungle Book theatrically.

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