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The Jade Pyramid was the fourth made-for-audio adventure featuring the Eleventh Doctor.

Publisher's summary[]

Intercepting a distress call, the TARDIS is drawn to a Shinto shrine in medieval Japan, where the Doctor and Amy are met by village elder Shijô Sada. He explains that the ogre-like mannequins surrounding the holy site are harmless guardians, called Otoroshi. At the heart of the temple is an ancient jade pyramid, so sacred that only the monks may look at it. But the Shogun, the ruler of Japan, wants to possess the pyramid and has ordered seven samurai and a band of soldiers to come to Kokan and seize it. Whilst the Doctor is tracked by a ninja assassin, Amy discovers what happens to trespassers at the shrine. Soon the secrets of the jade pyramid — and the towering Otoroshi — will be known.


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  • Once again the TARDIS' translation circuit is referred to, with Sada thinking that Amy and the Doctor speak Japanese fluently but saying that they sounded like foreigners.


  • The story was also available as a download from the AudioGO website before the company went into administration.


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