You may be looking for The Invasion of Time.

The Inversion of Time was a Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic story published in 2015.

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Clara finds the Doctor, but finds he's responding to things before she says them.

Only one question is left: who's right?

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Clara finds the Doctor in a bad mood in the control room, and she finds that he is responding to things she hasn't said yet. She realises that the Doctor is going backwards in time, much to her frustration. She angrily yells at the Doctor just as he greets her.

The Doctor thinks Clara has been listening to his Ogron language tapes again since she greeted him with a yell. He tries nicely to explain how to apologise, but comes to realise that she's going backwards in time. He wonders if the repairmen who fixed the scratch on the TARDIS messed with the controls. He gives up on trying to communicate, figuring that the issue would be sorted out soon.

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  • The title appears to be a play on The Invasion of Time.
  • The comic can be real two ways: normally, which shows the comic from Clara's point of view; and backwards, which shows the comic from the Doctor's point of view. Both ways feature the main character receiving the other's dialogue in the wrong order, thus being highly confused by their phrases.

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