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The Inspector was a robot, labelled as the property of the Governors, who was sent to Coal Hill Academy to evaluate Miss Quill under the guise of an Ofsted inspector named Paul Smith. His Ofsted nametag would have expired on 24 March 2017. As noted by Quill, his glasses were merely for show as there was no curve to the lenses. (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

During his time inspecting Quill's work, he was notably silent. When Quill became suspicious of him, she threw a stapler at him, which he caught with ease. When he later encountered Quill after school hours, he noted in his notebook that he wanted Quill. Quill misinterpreted this as a sexual desire. He was soon destroyed by the Leaf Dragon when Quill threw him into the path of it to buy herself time. His remains exploded, revealing his true mechanical nature to Quill. (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

He was later revealed to Miss Quill by Dorothea Ames to be expensive and difficult to replace. (TV: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

Behind the scenes[]

The Inspector's report.

On 9 November 2016, the official Class Facebook page released an image of the Inspector's report on Miss Quill.

Among events seen in The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, the report mentions Quill calling the Inspector "a s***, w******, and a f*** h***".

It is shown that the Inspector marked Quill as inadequate and gave her level fours in every section of his assessment.