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The Inforarium was a Doctor Who mini-episode made exclusively for the series 7 DVD and Blu-ray box sets. It featured a pre-Snowmen Eleventh Doctor, and actually demonstrated how he was deleting himself from history to support his faked death, as was mentioned multiple times throughout the 2012 series.


The Inforarium — the greatest source of illicit information in recorded history — is compromised. The Doctor appears in a hologram — "Who the hell are you?" He tells a guard that he will be erasing all traces of himself from their database, making everyone forget what they've heard through means he'd adapted from the Silence. He is on a mission to be left alone and is quite annoyed that the Inforarium has been selling information about him to the Daleks, Cybermen, and Sontarans, considering it "very naughty".

The Doctor continues to dismiss the guard's complacency in the Inforarium's security. Though the Doctor cannot wipe out their data banks, he can make sure that anything that anyone who has just learned about him is going to have him disappear from their minds. However, the man is simply not convinced. The proof he seeks is then given to him, but with the irony it will forever elude his memory. At the end of the message, the Doctor tells the Guard to check the data banks and the hologram shuts off. The guard completely forgets the whole ordeal. From his perspective, not a moment has passed since the alarms in the Inforarium started to squeal...

The guard notices the data breach alert in the core drives again. He tries to send another distress signal- and triggers the hologram. Then it replays... "Who the hell are you?" The Doctor's hologram chides him again, "How quickly they forget." The guard listens to his message from the top, not noticing he's stuck on a repetitive cycle. This may not even be his first time he's sat through a repeat, but one of many repeats in motion, with many more to come.




  • The Doctor reverse-engineered the memory-proof ability of the Silents.

Story notes[]

  • The title of the story is given as INFORARIUM (all caps, no "The") on the box set packaging.

Home video releases[]

Doctor Who Complete Seventh Series UK DVD Cover

Complete Seventh Series DVD Cover

  • This mini-episode was released as part of "The Complete Seventh Series" on DVD and Blu-ray on September 24, 2013.