The Infinity Season was a short story published in Doctor Who Magazine.

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Huksley sends her report to Molit, her contact at UniMedia, She returns to her flat on the planet Archimedes, where she finds the Seventh Doctor. She believes he has been sent by UniMedia to assist her and briefs him on her assignment. She is working on a story about Fountain Corporation's new process to negate the effects of ageing in humans. It is called the Fountain Programme. Huksley's exclusive highlights the fatalities that have recently occurred. They involve madness, frenzy and berserk rages.

Huksley and the Doctor break into Fountain's tower. The Doctor finds evidence of Chronex, a mind-expanding drug illegal on most civilised worlds. The drug dulls awareness of time's passage and causes hallucinations, frenzied madness and death.

From the shadows appears a creature - Myskhurr, a Hysk. Huksley produces a snub-gun, fires and the creature falls to the ground. The Doctor explains that the Hysk has been extinct for some nine hundred years. The voice of Molit is heard pleading for secrecy. Desperate to command the ratings, UniMedia had manufactured a story. The deception is based on the findings of a crashed spacecraft out on the Rim. The hologram and Chronex are part of their grand deception. With her scoop revealed as nothing more than a lie, Huksley turns her back and leaves. An even bigger Infinity Season forms in her brain: of a scandal in the colonies and a tale of unscrupulous media!

Collecting his TARDIS from Huksley's flat, the Doctor leaves for Bonjaxx's party.

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  • With two earlier new fiction stories being told in the pages of DWM (both short story competitions) and an anniversary tale, this was the first in new line of regular prose with illustrations from a variety of artists.
  • Maruthea is misspelled "Marathea" in this story.

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